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    LOCATION:HOME > Introduction of Postdoctoral Programme

    Introduction of Postdoctoral Programme

    Zhongke Dingshi Environmental Engineering Co. Ltd. is established in 2002, specialized in brownfield remediation. Depending on the advantages of key technologies, excellent talents, management and operational experience, the company has grown to be a comprehensive environmental enterprise integrating technology development, engineering design and implement. The company gets “the top 10 of national soil and groundwater remediation enterprise”, “model enterprise of environmental remediation” and “top competitive enterprise in environmental remediation industry”.

    The company awarded as a “Postdoctoral Scientific Research Workstation” in 2015, which is the first postdoctoral scientific research workstation in the field of comprehensive control and remediation of contaminated sites. The purpose of setting up the research station is to cultivate higher-level scientifically and technologically applied talents, especially to the top talents, improve research and innovation ability in key technologies, to solve the problem on contaminated site remediation.